Welcome to Metalfix

Metal FIX is an inherited individual business on family basis . It has dealt with processing of welding metals for fifteen years performing various jobs in the metal processing sector. During these years we have done various welding work. With support from USAID that we have had , we registered our business in 2012.

Metal FIX, founded in 2012, has enjoyed impressive growth and built a long list of satisfied customers. Our large and small projects represent every aspect of the industry - and it is a testimony to the level of service we offer. These clients appreciate our response, efficient operation and unique approach . We are a reputable name in Metal and Construction Industry. our projects are in collaboration with biggest company in the Balkan and Europe (Metal and Construction Industry)

Our company is known for outstanding quality of work thanks to our dedicated and professional team. Strategic planning, stringent rules on safety, employee satisfaction and the aspiration to contribute to the development of the State of Kosova is what has made Metal FIX grow steadily over the years.

Our goal is to surpass our client’s expectations by providing world-class services at competitive prices. Our projects are a testament to the trust our clients bestow upon Metal FIX and evidence of our promise to deliver excellence. We plan to explore and expand our potential by meeting the challenges of the future and building a better tomorrow.

Business Philosophy

Metal FIX is committed to superior quality, quick delivery, fair pricing, and excellent service. So, ever broadening product lines, dedicated research, and highly skilled work force, we stand ready to meet market specific manufacturing needs. However, it takes more than buildings, equipment, and personnel to produce excellence; it takes team spirit.


Metal FIX aims to be one of the best leading contractor's for tomorrow's world of business, harmonizing innovative and progressive methods with its experience, excellence and high-caliber workforce.


We support the innovation and creativity of our staff. We believe that their success as individuals is the foundation of our success as a company. Therefore we will uphold their welfare, nurture their talents, encourage their progress and preserve their health and wellbeing.


We shall offer excellent services to our clients by on time completion of our projects through our highly experience and competent personnel. Our service will surpass their expectations and will set a new benchmark for our competitors.


We shall preserve the environment and our natural resources. We will use our knowledge and skills to reduce pollution, eliminate hazardous practices and decrease wastage. We will utilize our resources wisely in hopes of a cleaner and greener future.


We shall gain the trust and confidence of our stakeholders by maintaining a high degree of transparency and ensure company objectives are met.


We believe that our success should benefit the community and that our prosperity should influence the local economy. We shall contribute to the development of Kosovo and support its trade and vision by integrating our business with its goals and support national initiatives.


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