Business Philosophy

Metal FIX is committed to superior quality, quick delivery, fair pricing, and excellent service. So, ever broadening product lines, dedicated research, and highly skilled work force, we stand ready to meet market specific manufacturing needs. However, it takes more than buildings, equipment, and personnel to produce excellence; it takes team spirit.

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Professional Weldings

Mechanical installations

Advanced processing

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Cutting, bending, drilling
pruning, trimming (Plazma CNC)

Professional support

Design - Projection - Engineering


Metal Constructions

Mechanical Formwork

Metal Railing and Fence

Metal Door and Window

Safety System

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Contact with you is very important to us, so if you have any questions concerning our services or have some business proposals and plans, please feel to contact us!

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Zona Industriale – Shirokë – Suharekë, Kosovo

+377 44 947 001

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